B. Cookies 3.5g Premium Flower – Lava Cake


Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavor: Lava Cake Berner Cookies

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type:

The unique terpene profile of the Lava Cake strain offers the aroma of fresh baked goods with a sweet cake flavor and smooth smoke typical of the Cookies varieties. These beauties are tightly packed lime green buds with a speckling of purple coloring and a thick coating of glistening trichomes

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Lava Cake Cookies is a powerful indica-hybrid marijuana strain cross between Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie. Has Breed by Cannarado Genetics, Lava Cake is widely celebrated for its deliciously sweet flavor profile that puts out exceptionally smooth and cakey terpenes. Some users who smoke this strain say that it smells similar to freshly baked goods.Moreover, The high you get from smoking Lava Cake will put your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. This strain is ideal for after work, lazy days off, or for anyone seeking relief from anxiety and stress. Lava Cake buds come in a dense, bulbous structure with rich hues of purple and green. That are camouflage by dense and glistening trichomes. Buy Berner Lava Cake Cookies Online.

Furthermore, Lava Cake gets its delicious name from its parent strains. Cannarado Genetics created this strain by crossing Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie, resulting in a sweet flavor and a fruity, sweet aroma. This indica-dominant hybrid has reported to help users relax, do something creative, or build up an appetite.

In conclusion, Perfect for day or nighttime, Lava Cake has a moderate THC content ranging from 7.5-18%. Meaning it’s a good option for beginners or novice consumers.


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