Bubba Kush


Relaxed                 64%
Sleepy                    54%
Happy                   52%
Euphoric               47%
Hungry                  37% 
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This pungent flower is an Indica Hybrid that’s considered top-tier cannabis by many cannabis connoisseurs. 

The strain is generally a stocky, bushy plant with dense, bulky flowers and a dense coat of sticky trichomes.

  • Size of buds and density can range from medium to large dense buds
  • The colors of these buds consist of a purple and green tone with bright amber colored or orange hairs
  • It’s an attractive Kush that has a bright appearance with a vivid presence

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Bubba Kush is a relatively easy to grow and we recommended to newcomers in cannabis cultivation. Stocky and bushy like most other indica varieties, its plants can be grown indoors, outside, or in a greenhouse. Outdoors, the strain has the advantage of being naturally resistant to molds and other pests, but growers will have to ensure consistent sunlight and a constant daytime temperature between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The strain grows well indoors in soil, but may have a higher yield if grown in hydroponic solution.

Buy Bubba Kush

The strain flowers between 8 and 9 weeks when grown indoors and is ready for harvest outdoors in early October. Though the yield for the plants of this strain is typically lower — from 32 to 35 grams (or 1 to 1.2 ounces) per square foot — the quality of the flowers is very high.Growers should be sure to properly cure the mature buds by hanging them upside down for about a week in a room that maintains 50% humidity and a consistent temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit; and then sealing the dried buds in wide-mouthed jars in a room with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60-65% humidity.

With a healthy fan base and immediate name recognition, The strain is a staple of the U.S. cannabis market. Its potency and solid indica genetics have crossbred into a slew of child strains like Blackberry Kush and Bubba’s Gift. Definitely more of a nighttime strain, this aromatic smoke and relaxing high can be a great way to unwind after a long day.


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