Hybrid | AA+ | THC: 20%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Happiness      100%
  • Giggles             80%
  • Relaxation       80%
  • Creativity         60%
  • Euphoria          50%
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About Bubbleberry

Bubbleberry is a balanced hybrid created by Sagarmatha Seeds, a group of Amsterdam-based breeders who have created flavorful strains like Yumboldt. A cross between Bubblegum and favorite hybrid Blueberry, Bubbleberry offers a well-rounded high that combines the best of indica and sativa effects. It also has the full-bodied aroma that you’d expect of parent strain Blueberry. A crowd-pleaser for cannabis novices and veterans alike, this strain won the 1998 San Francisco Bay Area Growers’ Award. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found samples of Bubbleberry to have between 14% and 20% THC.

Bubbleberry sets itself apart with medium to large-size flowers that are spade-shape, tapering from a broad base down into a pointy end. The buds cling together in a densely-packed, indica-typical formation. The leaves themselves are a vibrant spring green and are shot through with twisted brown and orange hairs (which are actually pistils, structures meant to catch pollen from male fertilizing plants). A scattering of translucent amber trichomes lends some stickiness, as well as a slightly yellow hue.

When properly cured, Bubbleberry gives off a sweet and fruity aroma. The scent of blueberry mingles with a tangy citrus odor.  On the exhale, Bubbleberry leaves behind a sweet, overripe taste with slight hints of chocolate. This can be a particularly pungent smoke — those looking to keep their toking discreet should take any needed precautions.


The high from Bubbleberry takes hold quickly. Shortly after savoring this strain’s rich, fruity taste, smokers sense a pressure around the eyes and temples. Thoughts may take on a cerebral character and jump from one to the next in free association; for some, this mental stimulation can feel like “mind race.” In the right set and setting, though, users can embrace Bubbleberry’s psychedelic intensity and enjoy its amplified sensory distortion by listening to trippy music or watching an engaging movie.

The strain also lends itself to some early productivity, allowing smokers to work on creative or analytical tasks. Within a few hours, this head high devolves into a palpable feeling of body melt: smokers may feel their eyes and jowls droop as limbs feel heavy. Couch-lock aside, Bubbleberry’s combination of mental acuity and physical coordination can be a great accompaniment to activities like video games and even sex.


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