Hindu Kush


Relaxed 66%
Sleepy 51%
Happy 48%
Euphoric 47%
Uplifted 31%
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Firstly Hindu Kush is One of the original landrace strains that precipitated the popularization of cannabis throughout the world, Hindu Kush is a potent pure indica. It is indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain chain that forms the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Secondly Seeds of This strain — along with seeds of other Asian landrace varieties like Afghani — were brought to the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s by cannabis enthusiasts and explorers who traveled along a route that has come to be known as the “hippie trail.” In time, Hence this strain has, perhaps inevitably, been crossed with other strains to allow for stability and adaptation to a radically different climate than its mountainous point of origin; as such, “true” This strain may not be widely available in the Western Hemisphere.

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Nevertheless, This strain is a relatively pure strain, simpler and often more potent that the novelty crossbreeds that continue to multiply in today’s competitive cannabis market.

Moreover Procuring this strain is a unique encounter for the cannabis novice and connoisseur alike. Shaped over countless generations of natural selection. Its aromatic flowers offer a way to experience a piece of botanical and cultural history. Furthermore The strain’s powerful knockout high may introduce a new kind of respect for nature — or at the very least, an understanding of why this plant has been selectively bred by humans for centuries. Additionally it is a true nighttime smoke, Hindu Kush is good for solo use or to small intimate gatherings.


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