Jungle Boys Orange Mints


Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor:  Orange Mints

Net Weight : 7 Grams

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California’s Jungle Boys are at it again. Their zesty Jungle Boys Orange Mints strain boasts incredible flavor and potentially uplifting effects. This gassy cultivar comes from crossing Orange Cookies with Kush Mints. The result is a proper showcasing of the Orange Cookies with the power of the Kush Mints. From the number of citrus terps in this strain, you’d think the strain would be more energizing. But on the contrary, it’s an 80/20 indica-dominant with other relaxing terps.

Buy Jungle Boys Orange Mints

Looking at some Orange Mints, the first thing that will hit you is the crystal density. We’re talking full trichome heads packed in tightly together to give the nugs a certain sheen. The foliage is largely dark green with some darker, almost purple leaves sticking out. The earthy orange tone of the pistils locks in the notion that this strain may maximize your chill. The nugs themselves still retain some fluffiness, with the stickiness of the resin holding it together firmly.

Breaking a nug open of the Orange Mints, most of the sour orange washes away as the floral and spicy terps take the front seat. Based on its lineage, the dominant terpenes that could be floating around are terpinolene, myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. This could explain some of the effects users describe this potent cultivar creating. Terpinolene very rarely is the dominant terpene in any strain, but it’s said to have a fresh citrus scent that may offer truly uplifting effects.

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