Jungle Boys Space age cake


Jungle Boys Weed Pack

Flavor: Space age cake

Net Weight : 7 Grams

Buy Jungle Boys Space age cake strain

Firstly, Buy Jungle Boys Space age cake strain, Atrium’s Space Age Cake #A12 flower features a pine and gas taste with a euphoric relieving effect.  Secondly, Atrium is a luxury cannabis brand located in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California, designed to create an environment focused on procuring and cultivating the finest cannabis flowers. This sources from rare and exotic strain libraries from around the globe for their breeding program… And is partnered with master cultivators from the Humboldt… Mendocino, and Sonoma regions who have over 40 years of combined specialty tradecraft experience. Thirdly, Atrium prides themselves on retaining the best old world knowledge while utilizing modern cultivation techniques… Optimizing the flower’s full potential.

Moreover Bodhi Seeds’ Space Cake crosses GSC Forum Cut and Snow Lotus. This strain takes the famous GSC to new heights by increasing yield and… Trichome production thanks to a healthy Snow Lotus male. The flavor profile is still in the cookies realm with creamy flavors that are accompanied by notes of fruit and berries. The potent high leaves you wondering if your feet are touching the ground.

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