Mazar Kush


Relaxed 60%
Happy 34%
Sleepy 34%
Euphoric 21%
Uplifted 21%
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Firstly Hailing from the Pakistan/Afghanistan border region, Mazar Kush is a child of two age-old strains that have in many respects become household names for themselves. By crossing Mazar Sharif with Aghani, World of Seeds Bank created a super potent strain with a building body high and an immediately heady onset.

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Secondly As with many a Kush relative, this hybrid packs a punch of THC. With this one averaging around 20%, and a strong pressure relieving head high. These sweet citrusy nugs are full of orange, kush, and blueberry with hints of earthy tones, giving it the perfect flavor combinations. The buds are fluffy and popcorn shaped with dark olive green tones, bright orange hairs, and frosty white trichomes.

Users feel immediately happy and upbeat from Mazar Kush. After the first couple of hits. Euphoria sets in followed by a body buzz that builds over time. It comes on slowly, and then like a teenage love story, it suddenly hits all at once. Your body will let go fully and the relaxation will sweep away any residual motivation. This Mazar Kush leaves you feeling sleepy and a bit loopy. Grab the nearest pillow and enjoy a full night of rest, but before you do be sure to set yourself up with plenty of snacks. This is one little bud that will leave you with a pang of hunger and an appetite that’s not easily satiated.


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