Mercury OG


Euphoric 61%
Relaxed 58%
Happy 55%
Giggly 38%
Hungry 35%
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Mystery strains tend to be the most fun, and Mercury OG is no exception to this rule. With unknown genetics and a high THC content, users are whisked away to a land of intense experiences that make you question the very meaning of life. A strong aroma and an even stronger set of effects make this gal a nighttime favorite.

Newer users should be very cautious when enjoying Mercury OG, as THC levels can reach as high as 24%. That might not sound high to some, but after you experience the ride that’s awaiting, you might think twice next time. Nugs tend to be very lumpy and frosty with a decent but not overwhelming amount of pistils. While it sounds odd, the strain smells strongly of butter but in the best way possible. A sweeter note hits your tongue as you smoke.

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While many strains tend to hit you in the mind before the body, Mercury OG heads straight for the gut with a body high that’s extreme. You’ll feel as if you’re tunneling through a black hole or melting with the room around you, but we assure you, you’re fine. Because of these rather strong psychoactive effects, many users enjoy listening to music during their high. Munchies come with the territory here, and since you’ll be glued to the couch, bring them over ahead of time.

Medical patients who struggle with a range of ailments tend to really prefer this strain. Not only is she strong, but she’ll wipe your mental and physical slate so clean it could pass the white glove test. Depression and stress will be gone once you’ve enjoyed Mercury OG. And physical ailments, a lack of appetite, or even insomnia will be solved with ease. Use caution if you are prone to anxiety or paranoia, as indulging in too much of this strain can lead to those issues.


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