Sherbet Cake


Hybrid | AAA+ | THC: 20%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Relaxation              100%
  • Happiness               95%
  • Euphoria                 85%
  • Uplifted                  60%
  • Creativity               40%
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Sherbet Cake is a sweet and potent cannabis strain with a distinctive tasty flavor. It is known for its mood-altering capabilities and uplifting effects. Sherbet Cake is also said to help heal the body from pain and protect it against inflammation.

Sherbet Cake is a marijuana hybrid with a THC potency of 18-24%. The indica-dominant strain is 15% sativa and 85% indica cross between the infamous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Pink Panties.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is categorized as a cannabis sativa and is vastly popular thanks to its righteous high. Some notable marijuana strains from the GSC family include Cherry Pie, the OG Kush, and Durban Poison.

Sherbet Cake’s other parent, Pink Panties, is categorized as a cannabis indica, and is derived from the Blackberry Kush family. While not much is known about the Pink Panties strain, it is believed that the strain is responsible for Sherbet Cake’s fruity and delicious taste.

If you are a fan of the GSC strain you will definitely love Sherbet Cake. Its relatively high THC content makes it the go-to cannabis strain for stoners who are looking for a strong high that can last for hours.

Sherbet Cake Strain: Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma

The Sherbet Cake marijuana plant is classic of an indica. You know, average height with thickly packed bushy stems full of chunky herbs and intoxicating flowers.

Its buds are thick and have sunset-like colors sprinkled here and there. Sugar leaves on Sherbet Cake buds are multicolored. Colors shades range from rusty brown to neon green to yellow.

As earlier mentioned, Sherbet Cake has a uniquely tasty flavor profile and aroma. These two characteristics are probably the main reason behind the strain’s increased popularity over the last few years.

The moment you open that Sherbet Cake jar at your favorite dispensary, a fruity delicious smell will meet you emanating from the buds. Some stoners claim that the smell of natural bubblegum comes to mind when they take a whiff of Sherbet Cake. Others claim that the strain’s smell reminds them of citrus, fresh berries, and exotic fruits.

Also, Sherbet Cake nuggets have unique crystalline trichomes coatings, which make this cannabis strain to glow, literally, especially when the nugs are under light.

Sherbet Cake Effects

While Indica genetics concentrates sherbet cake highly, its high is startlingly sativa-like. We are talking about an abundance of psychotic effects which is for promoting creativity, inspiration, progress, motivation, and imagination.

Unlike many indica strains, it does not promote sedation or cause drowsiness. Instead, the strain tends to cause body relaxation and de-stress. It mixes the lively and uplifting effects of cannabis sativa with the relaxing effects of indica.

With this strain, stoners should look forward to a whole new level of body relaxation and a sense of body groundedness. You may also start feeling the actual weight of your limps especially when walking.

This strain is ideal for small social gatherings with friends. You should also make it your go-to strain when you want to explore thought-provoking movies, shows, and music. Its THC potency and andica-sativa ratio makes it a perfect recipe for creative as well as interpersonal experiences.

We should mention that it is one of the most whimsical marijuana strains you’ll ever enjoy. It may make you perceive the world in a child-like or playful perspective. While you could consume Sherbet Cake during the day, due to its body-relaxing effects the best time to consume this strain is after work/evening.

Medical Advantages 

Over the last decade or so, patients have begun using this cannabis strain for medicinal reasons. Mental patients are perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of Sherbet Cake’s medicinal abilities. This strain has rare spirit uplifting abilities. Recommends as a result to people who suffer from both mild and severe anxiety, stress, and depression.

Also, Cancer patients use this strain for relief purposes. The strain is also effective in the treatment of nausea, chronic pain, and loss of appetite.


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