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Growth pattern of Skunk Kush Feminized

Skunk Kush Feminized cannabis seeds produce large-yielding plants, with an average flowering time. The strain is marginally indica-dominant (60% indica / 40% sativa), and this hybridisation offers the best of both worlds – vigorous growth and solid performance, combined with a potent, heady high.

The seeds are feminized, which is useful for novice growers, as it means there’s no need to identify male plants and remove them. It’s also advantageous for those looking for an easier grow. However, Skunk Kush Regular is a better option for growers wanting to produce seeds for further cultivation.

One of the major advantages to growing Skunk Kush Feminized is that it has a short flowering time; ideal for those who want to generate a harvest in rapid time. The flowering stage takes around 50 to 60 days whether indoors, or outside. If growing the plants in a greenhouse, expect to harvest them around late October.

The plants’ moderate height is another bonus, especially if they’re being cultivated in a grow-room, or in a greenhouse or place with a low roof. Typically, they don’t extend beyond 150 cm, with most of the growing taking place during the flowering period. In fact, usually the plants are around 110 to 140 cm, which is an easy-to-manage height.

Feminized Skunk Kush’s indica parentage is evident in the plant’s structure; thick stems, with dark-green, leathery leaves. However, Skunk #1 is detectable too; in the size, and the vigorous growth pattern. The buds form grape-like bundles, and the flowers are ‘towering’ in form.

If extensive yields are a top priority, this is definitely a strain to consider. When cultivated in the right conditions, Skunk Kush Feminized produces abundant buds, and satisfyingly large harvests. Thick, Afghani-Skunk nuggets are to be expected when cultivating female plants, and also swollen calyxes. These generate dense, semi-open buds with a generous weight to them.


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