Zeus OG


Hybrid | AAAA | THC: 20%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Creativity                    100%
  • Focus                              95%
  • Arousal                          60%
  • Relaxation                    45%
  • Happiness                     45%
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Zeus OG is a pure Cannabis Indica strain known for being difficult to grow by novice cultivators, and it typically takes longer to finish flowering than most indica strains. Buy Zeus OG

This bud provides users with a relaxed yet euphoric high paired with sharpened senses and a jolt of creative energy that will keep them inspired throughout the day.

This indica-indica inbred hybrid was created by crossing Pineapple OG genetics with those of Deadhead OG. The plant was awarded the “Best Medical Hybrid” title during the 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis cup where it was appreciated by its ability to relieve chronic pain coupled with a mesmerizing aroma and flavor profile.

The Zeus OG strain grows medium-sized flowers that are slightly tapered and reminiscent of miniature pinecones. Although this is a pure indica variety, its buds have a more sativa-like structure. With leaves tending to grow outward and away from one another. They may also curl inward toward their middle stems. The leaves have a yellow-green color and twists through with caramel pistils and translucent white trichomes screaming of the strain’s psychoactivity.


Properly cured buds of Zeus OG carry a distinct pungent aroma that hits the nostrils like Titanic has hit the iceberg. A closer sniff or two may bring some berry-like notes, too.

Grinding Zeus OG produces a mellow, earthy scent to counter the initial skunky odor.

When smoked, Zeus OG produces harsh, acrid smoke that can make you cough to the point where you’ll get watery eyes as well. Upon exhale, the smoke tastes a bit minty with a slight touch of skunk.

The magic behind Zeus OG happens somewhat quickly. The strain is extremely relaxing and, at the same time, inspiring. This combination allows you to feel stress-free and achieve better focus. As time progresses, the high spreads immediately all over the body, bringing it into the state of tranquility.

furthermore, If you desperately need a mood boost, this strain will come in handy, as it changes the way you look at your surroundings.

In conclusion, The zoned-in feeling that comes with the onset of this strain makes the strain ideal for medical cannabis users. The upbeat euphoria and enhanced focus can relieve mild to moderate stress, curb anxiety, fix mood swings, and help with depression. Zeus OG is also an effective painkiller, especially when it comes to physical pains. Buy Zeus OG


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